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Thai companies are stepping in to join the fight against Covid-19.

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve entered a pretty bleak hour — one riddled with virus fears, tightening social distancing measures, and a falling economy. As “normal” seems further and further away, Thailand’s various corporations are stepping in to assist in combating the coronavirus. At a time when the world is — and has to be — united by the common goal of pushing through these trying times, it is heartwarming to see these organisations pitch in with resilience and commitment, to do what’s needed to flatten the curve. From helping directly on the frontlines, to donating supplies and proceeds, and offering special support towards vulnerable customers, it is encouraging to see these companies mobilize to tackle the coronavirus.

*Note: This list will be regularly updated as more companies join the fight to flatten the Covid-19 curve.


Gems Pavilion

Stepping in to offer support and camaraderie during the Covid-19 pandemic, Gems Pavilion — led by the management team and employees — has created a survival box, consisting of daily necessities to help combat these trying times. A total of 200 boxes will be distributed by the brand, going towards households in need that have been affected by the current situation. Through these survival boxes, Gems Pavilion hopes that they can play a part in alleviating the suffering of those negatively-impacted during these tough periods, as well as offer encouragement towards all families.

On top of that, Gems Pavilion has also set up a special cabinet, which they refer to as ‘Gems Pavilion Pan Sook’ — loosely translated to ‘Gems Pavilion Spreads Happiness’. This can be found in front of their main headquarters on 58 Pan Road. There, the management team and employees will offer food for those in need, as a means of spreading happiness and care.


Thailand’s leading conglomerate B.Grimm has recently launched its ‘B.Grimm Fights Covid-19 with Compassion’ campaign, donating over 46 million baht to aid in relieving the coronavirus impacts through financial support, and donations of essentials such as medical equipment, health insurance, and survival packs. Funds have been directly donated towards hospitals and several charity organisations since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand. According to B.Grimm’s chairman Dr Harald Link, B. Grimm has been operating its business in Thailand for over 142 years, and thus has developed a strong relationship with the country through its various business and social responsibility projects. It is in trying times such as these, where B.Grimm’s management and employees feel driven to come together and find ways to help the nation relieve their hardship.

Shiseido (Thailand) Company Limited

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, Shiseido (Thailand) has donated a series of “face shields and products from Shiseido Group”, with donations going directly towrads ten hospitals in Thailand, from Bangkok to Chonburi, to support the doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals battling the coronavirus from the front-lines. As part of the company’s CSR initiative to support the fight against the pandemic, Parichart Veerasatien, Managing Director of Shiseido (Thailand) personally presented protective equipment to Phramongkutklao hospital — the donations were received by Major General Ruttavitch Vuttipadahpibu, MD, Chief of Office Commander of Phramongkutklao Hospital. Other organisations that will be receiving donations from Shiseido include the Thai Red Cross Society, the Police General Hospital, the Ramathibodi Hospital, Vajira Hospital, Somdejprapinklao Hospital, Srithanya Hospital, Bamrasnaradura Hospital, Queen Savang Vadhana Memorial Hospital and Bang Lamung Hospital. In the words of Parichart Veerasatien, “Shiseido is recognizes the importance of safeguarding our healthcare professionals who are on the frontline in this battle against COVID-19 as they take care of patients in this situation.”


PMT The Hour Glass

Thailand’s leading specialty luxury watch retail group, PMT The Hour Glass, has stepped in to contribute support to medics fighting Covid-19 on the frontlines. Managing Director of THG Prima Times Co., Ltd Narun Thamavaranukup, has donated a sum towards purchasing crucial medical supplies to three medical institutes. These institutes include the Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute, Rajavithi Hospital, and Siriraj Hospital. As PMT The Hour Glass puts it — let us #StayStrong, and #StayUnited.



You might not have thought that lingerie and face masks could go hand in hand, but as part of their #WacoalCare campaign,Thai Wacoal Company Limited has put a halt on their lingerie production, diverting their attention instead to producing face masks using their existing spacer fabric. Out of these face masks, 10,000 will be distributed for free as a means of combating the Covid-19 spread. Specifications-wise, these face masks also feature nylon microfiber — this, when complemented by the spandex melt attached the the fabric structure and the use of interlocking knitting techniques, result in high-density face masks that are at once flexible and soft, while also highly durable. The masks also meet the standards of the Air Permeability Test, and are able to defend against both PM 2.5 dust particles, and the spread of Covid-19. On top of all that, they can even be washed and reused


Jaspal Home

Managing Director of Jaspal & Sons Co., Ltd. Kiatisak Singhasachathet has stepped into the battle against Covid-19, donating 100,000 packs of masks to Anutin Charnvivarkul, the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, and Minister of Public Health. Totalling 200,000 individual face masks — or, on more technical terms, totalling a donation value of THB3,000,000 — the masks have all been coated with antimicrobial and water repellent treatment, and will be distributed to the citizens for use in light of the coronavirus outbreak.


It’s Happened to be a Closet & Friends

The team behind It’s Happened to be a Closet have run a series of fundraisers with their friends and fans in support of local hospitals and the medics behind them, who are fighting on the frontlines everyday. As part of their initiative, they donated 24 gallons of hand gel and anti-bacterial alcohol to Ramathibodi Hospital, through individual donations of THB600 from loyal patrons of the brand. On top of that, the group are also accepting donations of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medics, based on specifications provided by the hospital. To find out more about how you can support their cause, add them on LINE @itshappened.


FN Outlet

Taking a step to give back to society, FN Outlet have taken the initiative to produce what they call “Face Shields”, which are freely distributed to the surrounding community, as a means of protecting them from bacterial germs and the Covid-19 infection. The shields are created using memory foam drinking water bottles, and are designed to fit the size of the customer’s faces. 


Get Fresh

Formally known as our beloved ‘Dressed’, GetFresh has also joined the movement against Covid-19. As part of their #OneForOne campaign, GetFresh extends a hand towards Thailand’s team of hardworking personnel, by sending them freshly made, delicious salads to boost their health, and give them the strength to continue their fight. The way the campaign works is, for every customer who orders a salad, and posts a photo with the hashtag #getfresh141, GetFresh sends a salad to a medic on the frontlines. 



In light of the current Covid-19 situation, MCG-ASIA — Thailand’s official distributor of BMW Millennium Auto, Mini Millennium Auto, Peugeot Lion Automobile, and Honda — has set up a series of special offers, out of consideration for the health and wellbeing of their clientele. From free car delivery services, to discounts on services such as disinfecting and air cleaning, these additional promotions and services are a sign of MCG-ASIA’s commitment to lending a hand during these trying times.

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