It’s 2019! The start of a new year is always exciting—the air sings with below-30-degree-weather, lazy long holidays and the promise of new beginnings. As we enter week one of an exciting new chapter, what are your plans? Take some time to map out your thoughts—cue goals, plans and even dreams—for the year to come.

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As for things to do, as usual, we’ve rounded up the happenings you shouldn’t miss. On the list this week are several interesting events in the art scene to ease you back into the everyday-Bangkok lifestyle. Also be sure to catch the last trails of the festive season with the special menu at The Meatchop Butcher & Spirits or a breezy night of rooftop cocktails.

Christmas Carnivore! (LAST DAY!)

WINE & DINE — The holidays might be over, but some festive menus are still around! If you’re feeling nostalgic, head over to The Meatchop for a sweet reminder of the festive season. Plates range from black angus to cardomom roasted pear with vanilla creme anglaise, hazelnuts and honey caramel—yum!

Until January 2. The Meatchop Butcher & Spirits. To book your seats or find out more, call 0 2033 2709, or visit the official Facebook page.

How ‘Ye Doing?

ART & CULTURE — Kickstart your year on a thought-provoking note. Kimmo Kauko’s exhibition decodes depression, fame, American politics, social media and symbolism through the polarising ideas of Kanye West. The installation is split into four sections, including Depression, Symbolism, Social Media and Free Thought.

Until January 13. Jam. For more information, visit the official Facebook event page.


ART & CULTURE — An exhibition that depicts the diversity of the human states of mind. Expect large canvases that illustrate a spontaneity and uncertainty, which contrasts with the detailed elements of the paintings themselves—an allusion to the human need for stability and a sense of security.

Until January 25. River City Bangkok. For more information, visit

Imaginary Land Exhibition

ART & CULTURE — Follow your pensive revelations with a spot of the surreal at Tawan Wichyabhakdi’s exhibition. Inspired by heaven, hell and the legendary Himmapan forest, the artwork mixes shapes from the living and nonliving, to create an ideal world where different creatures coexist in beautiful harmony despite their unusual, mysterious and contradictory natures.

Until January 27. Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre. For more information, visit

Fade Away

ART & CULTURE — You might have just gotten back, but here’s a reason to head back out of town. Through hauntingly beautiful images of Muslim women, Nuriya Waji explores the underlying streak of political unrest that currently plagues Thailand’s southern provinces.

Opening ceremony on 4-6pm, January 6. The exhibition is open to public viewing 10am-8pm, until January 31. YuYuan Art & Antique, Lhong 1919, Chiangmai. For more information, visit the official Facebook event page.

New Cocktails at Sky On 20

WINE & DINE — Make the most of the nice weather by spending your evenings in the city’s best rooftops. Among them is Sukhumvit’s Sky On 20, which has recently welcomed skilled mixologist Fabio Brugnolaro (formerly of the Vogue Lounge), plus a new cocktail menu of spiked delights.

Sky On 20, 26th floor, Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20. To book your seats or find out more, call 0 2009 4999, or visit the official Facebook page.