It’s the start of a new week, and we’re back with our best things to do this week roundup — aka the happenings you don’t want to miss. As pollution levels rise, you might want to start investing in filter masks to keep the fumes at bay — either that, or take a trip out of town. With the highly-anticipated Thai Polo 2019 — Asia’s most important equestrian tournament — making its return this weekend, there’s plenty of excuse to pop out of Bangkok for a bit, and enjoy the fresher beachside air.

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If you’re planning to stay in town, don’t fret, as there’s plenty of good stuff happening here too. Big names in Bangkok’s mixology scene — cue Vesper/Backstage’s Palm, Rabbit Hole’s Cha Cha, and Kajin and Vapor’s Thumb — have launched their own bottle of spirit, Lanna, and the launch party takes place tomorrow! Scroll to see your plans for the week.