Prestige Planner: Best Things to Do This Week (March 16 – 22)

Covid-19 has officially been classified as a pandemic, and as we try upping our ante on slowing the spread of Coronavirus, the best thing to do this week is quite straightforward — stay in. With more and more companies implementing ‘Work From Home’ policies, now marks a good time to choose self-isolation. Even if you are among the stronger, healthier — and perhaps luckier, even? — of us, taking precautions now has become about more than just self protection, but a sense of social responsibility.

You might be strong enough to counter coronavirus, but there’s always the possibility that someone you pass in the street is not. With staying in, social distancing, and hand sanitisers becoming trending topics of the season, it doesn’t hurt to take certain measures to prevent getting Covid-19 yourself. As always, we urge that all our readers stay safe, hygienic, and healthy during these trying times, and may we make it through together. Scroll to see this week’s Prestige Planner — the self-quarantine edition!

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Stay at Home
Stay at Home

… Which, really, doesn’t have to be as dull or suffocating as it seems. While after a while, having to stay almost trapped up at home can definitely bring about feelings of loneliness and anxiety, it’s important to remain strong, and fill your space with positive vibes as we ready ourselves for what lies ahead. Light a few scented candles, and choose a soothing soundtrack to your day to play in the background as you catch on some reading — or, perhaps, check out those Netflix shows and podcasts you’ve been putting aside because you never had the time. Most importantly, shutting yourself in physically doesn’t mean your social life has to go out the window — if you’re feeling in need of company, ring up a friend or family member to check in and see if they’re ok.

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Order Online
Order Online

Quarantine and covid-19 doesn’t mean your life has to stop completely. Indulge in some online shopping. The ease, convenience, and variety of options available might surprise you — that is, if you aren’t already a fan. And really, there’s more you can do than you think — for one, Hong Kong Art Basel has opened online viewing rooms, so art enthusiasts needn’t feel like they’re missing out. Of course, right now a more pressing concern might be food. For those of us who can’t quite imagine spending weeks at home, away from the culinary delights happening in Bangkok city, fret not — there are now plenty of upscale dining choices available on delivery, meaning you can enjoy the very best sent straight to your doorstep.

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The Sea Remembers Us by Niam Mawornkanong
The Sea Remembers Us by Niam Mawornkanong

ART & CULTURE — To be fair, Thailand hasn’t reached lockdown status yet, so if you don’t have Covid-19, and really want to go out for a bit, you still technically can. We urge you, of course, to remain vigilant in staying clean and avoiding any infected areas, or spaces with large congested numbers of people. Instead, opt for events and activities that are in controlled areas with fewer amounts of people — say, an art exhibition at a private gallery. This one by Surachai “Niam” Mawornkanong marks the Thai artists’ seventh solo exhibition, who is known for artwork that encourages audiences to explore their own subconsciousness. This time around, Niam expresses an insightful story of human life, by using the sea as a narrator, and asking questions like “why do we love staring at the sea?”

6-9pm, until May 10, 2020. S.A.C. Subhashok The Arts Centre. To find out more, visit the official Facebook Event Page.

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Go on a Staycation
Go on a Staycation

TRAVEL — Now is not a good time to travel, but staying in Thailand and avoiding airports doesn’t have to be so bad. A lot of upscale hotels in Bangkok are offering some pretty interesting deals during this particular low season, including Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit. Check into a room for two at THB4,200++, for a stay that comes complete with a daily breakfast buffet, a complimentary three-course Thai dinner set, two signature cocktails at Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar, as well a THB500 voucher at the spa. If you’re more of a boutique hotel kind of person, definitely drop by The Cabochon Hotel. They’re offering their Suite Room at THB3,900 (originally THB8,800) — and what’s more is, this comes with a dinner set for two, and a continental breakfast buffet.

To book a stay at Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, call 0 2797 0000. To book a stay at The Cabochon Hotel, call 0 2259 2871. 

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