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Kantapon "Gongkan" Metheekul


Born and raised in Bangkok, Kantapon Metheekul – known in the art world simply as “Gongkan” – graduated from the school of arts at Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Shortly thereafter, he moved to New York City where he spent three years working in creative departments of advertising agencies. In his spare time, he created street art and illustrations centred on the idea of him being transported through time and space to his homeland. His work, which he termed ‘Teleport Art’, gained notoriety in the NYC street art scene. Now an established fine artist, Gongkan’s artworks incorporate dreamlike representations of people and everyday surroundings – such as the sky, clouds, water, and so on – all depicted in the artist’s own unique way, and almost always illustrating the transformation of one object to another place, or form. He has been invited to show his works at the likes of Art Basel Hong Kong and the Macau Art Biennale, as well as numerous galleries in Bangkok, and his pieces are highly coveted by international contemporary art collectors.