Aoraya “Anna” Mahitivanichcha

Aoraya “Anna” Mahitivanichcha

Associate Director, Fahrenheit 89 Ltd

Before Aoraya began devoting her time to Fahrenheit 89, her family’s investment company, she was a film and television actress. She appeared in Saha Mongkol Film’s Bang Rajan and several TV series on Channel 3, Channel 5, the Mongkol Channel, and PPTV. Yet, she enjoys this major career change and also knows how to take advantage of her media savvy. “I enjoy the breadth of knowledge gained from learning about multiple industries and businesses that we invest in,” she says. “Social media also allows me to draw on my past experience and skills as a public person to help promote and market our business partners’ products and services.” Although a businesswoman, she still refuses to measure success in terms of numbers. “Some people measure success by numbers, but they will always remain elusive. There will always be those who are ahead of you.” In her free time, Aoraya enjoys flower arranging, ceramics, decorative artwork, dessert-making, and Thai cooking classes, as she loves to cook for family and friends. Her five-year goals are to start a family and do more charitable work. “To me, success is when a person is able to freely live and pursue their chosen path in both their personal life and career.”


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