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Dr. Siriorn “Gift” Sukanjanapong

Dr. Siriorn "Gift" Sukanjanapong

Dermatology Resident, Ramathibodi Hospital

Although Siriorn sees herself in the near future taking part in her family’s health and beauty conglomerate, Giffarine Skyline Unity, she’s currently too busy with her patients as a second-year dermatology resident at Ramathibodi Hospital. The 29-year-old got her BA in medicine at the University of Birmingham, UK, and her master’s in dermatology at Mahidol University. And she’s now on her way to becoming a board-certified dermatologist. This young doctor has had experience with patients in both the UK and Thailand and in clinical research. Siriorn has co-authored and published several papers on dermatological subjects. Like many working in a demanding field, Siriorn strives for balance and happiness. For her, success is “being able to fulfil one’s duty, as well as being happy and having a good work-life balance.” To keep herself motivated, she trains her focus on her goals. “I tend to set big goals in life but also gain satisfactions with small achievements.”