40 Under 40: Chavanos “Puppup” Rattakul

40 Under 40: Chavanos "Puppup" Rattakul

CEO, Origin Food / Owner, Ideal Food, Kumo Café, and Terroir Expression Wine Bar

Chavanos Rattakul, a wine and food connoisseur, went to high school at Harrow School in London, then later finished his undergraduate degree at University of Southern California, majoring in Corporate Finance and graduating with first class honours. He served for many years as director of the family-owned St. Andrew’s International School, and is the founder of Tenyuu Restaurant Group. He serves currently as the CEO of Origin Food, which he established in partnership with his family’s real estate company Origin Property. Chavanos is also the owner of Ideal Food, Kumo Café, and the newly opened Terroir Expression Wine Bar in Ekkamai, which prides itself on being affordable — as the wine prices are only marginally marked up (unlike most other wine bars in Bangkok). Chavanos is widely known in society as the wine expert, and frequently speaks at various wine courses as a guest lecturer.