Bodintorn “Birdy” Juangroongruangkit

Bodintorn "Birdy" Juangroongruangkit

CEO, Real Asset Development Co., Ltd. and Thai Summit Group

The Juangroongruangkit family has long been known for its real estate industry prowess. Bodintorn, who is in his mid-20s, worked at TMB Bank in Financial Institutions for two years. At Real Asset Development, Bodintorn has brought new verve and innovation to the company’s real estate development projects. The company boasts valuable properties across several categories, including single homes, home offices, townhomes, condominiums and more, all centred on the urban lifestyle. That’s not all Bodintorn is doing for his family these days. The Juangroongruangkits also own Thai Summit Group, one of the leading automotive manufacturers in Asia. Bodintorn stepped in as CEO after his older brother Sakulthorn left the position. He has told the media that he had not expected to find himself in a leadership role so soon, but he certainly has the right educational pedigree to handle it, thanks to an MSC in real estate economics and finance from the London School of Economics.