Chaval "Richie" Jiaravanon

CEO, Snapask Thailand / Vice President, HIP IOT

Determination and drive run in the Jiaravanon family. Richie is the son of Chatchaval Jiaravanon, managing director of Group Investment and executive director of True Corporation, and his wife Kwanjai, chairwoman of the entertainment company CK United. He attended boarding school in America, which he admits broadened both his perspectives and his world view. As a young graduate Richie set out on his own course — armed with a degree in International Business from Chulalongkorn University — and went on to become CEO of Snapask Thailand, an edutech startup that has since launched in 10 different countries and has around 1.2 million student users. More recently, Ritchie has assumed the role of vice president of HIP IOT, a technology company focused on acquiring and implementing IOT systems for medium to large scale companies to help increase their capabilities.