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Dr Pimkhwan “Pim” Bunjitpimol

Vice President, Navamin 9 Hospital / Founder & CEO, Vital Glow Skin & Aesthetic
Pimkhwan is the only daughter of General Dr Prajak and Varaporn Bunjitpimol, the founders and owners of Navamin Hospital group. Apart from her role at Navamin 9 Hospital and Vital Glow Skin & Aesthetic, she is also a part-time university lecturer, a columnist, an English news anchor for TV and radio, a producer, moderator and speaker for her own health TV programs, a health and wellness influencer for many health-related brands, as well as a an actress in Thai series and movies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Master’s degrees in European Law from Chulalongkorn University and International Health Management from Imperial College London. Pim is an avid marathon runner and collector of luxury watches, handbags and jewellery. She also has a special interest in Porsche sports cars and is a member of Thailand’s Supercar group.