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Gavin Vongkusolkit

Founder & Managing Director, Glowfish Co-working Community

Gavin started a family-funded real estate company in 2008 to purchase an office property from his grandfather (in order to pave way for his retirement). A deep believer in the power of creativity and connectivity, he transformed this otherwise straightforward office business into Glowfish, one of Thailand’s very first and largest co-working spaces for entrepreneurs. He helped the Thai Chamber of Commerce found the Young Entrepreneurs Chamber (YEC), where he is the current chairman of its Bangkok chapter. Along with his main pursuits, Gavin owns and runs Kuppadeli cafés and Odtomato restaurant with his mother — sharing their mutual passion in the coffee and food business — as well as the Ad Lib Bangkok hotel. He is also a director of The Erawan Group PLC, and helps his family company, Mitr Phol, on special projects involving R&D and innovation.