Gulapat “May” Kanokwatanawan

Gulapat "May" Kanokwatanawan

Founder, After You Dessert Café | Founder, Maygori

Gulapat “May” Kanokwatanawan has always known she would go into business and, in fact, she was barely out of university when she launched After You Dessert Café back in 2007. Bolstered by her experience in hotel kitchens during her school years, she intensively researched recipes for dessert-themed eateries. The success of her chain of dessert cafés continues to this day, attracting endless queues of sweet tooths waiting to devour plates of honey toast and bowls of bingsu (flavoured shaved ice). After You has achieved cult status within Thailand — with 30 branches and counting, as well as a branch in Hong Kong which opened last year. Part of the success of After You is that it constantly churns out new addictive treats. One of the favourites in 2015, kakigori, a Japanese shaved-ice dessert, was such a hit that Gulapat opened a kakigori-focused café, Maygori, in 2016. The company was also listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and since that time has performed amazingly. According to Bloomberg, After You’s shares nearly tripled in 2019.