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M.L. Ploynapat "Kwan" Leenutaphong

Chief Happiness Officer and Co-founder, Sharich Holding Co Ltd

Dedicated to strengthening Sharich Holding, M.L. Ploynapat Leenutaphong plays a crucial role in monitoring and improving the wellbeing and up-to- date knowledge of all employees, in order to ensure the team delivers professional service and happiness not only to stakeholders, but also to themselves. The brands under Sharich Holding include Lamborghini, the Italian supercar, plus Ducati premium motorbikes and Royal Enfield, the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production. Other brands include the NIU smart electric scooter, as well as StylPro and iRobot, two other smart products from the UK and USA. In the second half of this

year Sharich Holding welcomes its newest family member ‘ible Airvida’, a wearable iconic air purifier. Ploynapat is married to Apichat Leenutaphong and is the mother of 11-year-old Theetat.