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Natapree “Pim” Pichaironarongsongkram

Managing Director, Supatra Real Estate
Natapree “Pim” Pichaironarongsongkram comes from a long lineage of prominent business owners, including mother Supapan Pichaironarongsongkram and grandmother Khunying Supatra Singholaka – who founded the landmark Chao Phraya Express Boat, one of Thailand’s oldest boat operators on the Chao Phraya River. Pim is currently overseeing Supatra Boat Charter Service and responsible for several noted riverside property developments, including the Riva Surya Bangkok, Riva Arun and the highly popular Tha Maharaj and Tha Wanglang retail spaces. She does charity work through the Supatra Foundation, founded in honour of her grandmother, which awards hundreds of employees’ children with scholarships