Group General Management / Merchandising, The Mall Group

Since joining the family business, Pailin “Blue” Umphuj, one of the heiresses to The Mall Group retail empire, has proven herself to be a savvy businesswoman and bona fide fashionista. After earning a degree in Fashion Design from Kingston University in the UK, she joined The Mall Group’s subsidiary company, M Curated, a distributor and a retailer of fashion and lifestyle products. She’s currently responsible for the import division, helping to selectively curate brands from all over the world, in addition to merchandising and managing fashion accessories, plus the shoes and bag division. In the near future, under her supervision, M Curated will be introducing new sections, brands, and experiences for customers by offering a fabulous new assortment of products.

Blue is also keenly interested in cosmetics, and after importing 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) — a cool Korean beauty brand — she later acquired the rights for M Curated to be the sole distributor of Chosungah Beauty 1989. But despite all the glitz and glamour, this sophisticated socialite stays grounded, always remembering that true luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance, not necessary involving great expense. The luxury of just being healthy and happy can be enough. Blue’s work ethic is also firmly grounded, rooted in the examples set by her father, aunties, and uncles — each one a role model with their own valuable lessons to impart.

A keen traveler, Blue lists seeing the world as one of her passions, as well as the ultimate source of her inspiration. Destinations such as New York and Japan, which are always buzzing with the newest trends and technologies, never fail to give her exciting ideas to bring back and develop into new projects. When she’s taking a true break from her busy schedule you’ll find her near a beach, with L.A, Santorini, and Phuket topping the list.