Creative Retail Development and Business Development Manager, The Mall Group

As the daughter of Surat Umphuj, Ploychompu is one of the heiresses to The Mall Group retail empire, having officially joined the organisation after graduating from Brighton University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management. One of her most talked about projects is the Escape bar and restaurant at EmQuartier, where she and her team created everything under her aunt Supaluck’s supervision — from the floorplan, to the interior, to the custom designed furniture. She also runs Ploychompu Design, her own profitable side business fashion brand which offers everything from funky beachwear to stylish dresses, plus a second venture called Seoulstyle, which imports fashions from Korea.

As for role models, Ploychompu describes her father as a great leader who clearly communicated his vision, ensuring everyone was working towards a common goal, while her compassionate mother taught her children to never forget or give back the kindness of others. Meanwhile her aunt, Supaluck, is the one who is always thinking beyond, and constantly innovating. For Ploychompu, a mix of professionalism, productivity, teamwork, determination, passion and integrity drives her own work ethic, while thinking out of the box helps turns her ideas and goals and into reality. Currently she’s involved with the Gourmet Market department as the merchandiser looking after the fresh produce section and dine-in shops, but future plans include the launch of the healthy lifestyle focused Gourmet Natural market and Gourmet Bakery at The Mall Ngamwongwarn.

As a glamorous socialite, Ploychompu admits that luxury once meant the most expensive or famous branded products. However, these days her concept of luxury is changing. In today’s world the real luxury is to travel, gaining experience and becoming differentiated, and for this avid traveler the vibrant retail world of New York City is a constant source of inspiration.