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Prakhun Phornprapha

General Manager, SMI Travel / Marketing Manager, Wendy Tour / Managing Director, Chao Hostel / Brand Director, Training Ground Bangkok

A passion for travel and adventure brought Prakhun “Chao” to his current myriad roles. Chao Hostel is a hip design hostel in the middle of Bangkok, very much a reflection of his personality. SMI Travel takes advantage of his study time in Japan (he earned a Bachelor’s in Business Management from the prestigious Meiji University) and Japanese language ability. And finally, this fitness enthusiast’s penchant for functional, explosive workouts made him a natural fit for one of Bangkok’s most popular Crossfit chains, Training Ground Bangkok. The gyms have truly earned their place in the hearts and minds of crossfitters, leading several community events, in no small part to Prakhun’s efforts.