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Actress / Model / Managing Director & Founder, Organika House

There’s defi nitely more to Thai-Danish actress Sririta “Rita” Jensen than the image of the dainty heroines she’s known for portraying in TV soaps. The daughter of Ejvind Jensen and Srirat Siribanjong, Sririta was born in Indonesia but grew up primarily in Bangkok. Discovered by talent scouts at the tender age of 13, she spent her formative years in the limelight but still managed to pursue her studies in Communication Arts at Bangkok University. Along with her acting career Sririta is also a dynamic entrepreneur, having founded Organika House — a luxury organic spa, dining and aromatherapy retail haven — back in 2015. Sririta is currently overseeing the construction of her third and largest branch yet, Organika Sanctuary; a three-storey white and green space which is set to launch by the end of this year.