Whether you’re an avid lover of traditional artistry, or simply looking for a gift that is as interesting as it is meaningful, here’s another reason to venture to the Thonburi side of the river. ICONSIAM’s ICONCRAFT collaborates with over 300 designers, innovators and artisans for a communal platform that showcases local craftsmanship, with a modern twist. Following a concept of “innovative craft designed for everyday life”, traditional and ancient artistry is transformed into contemporary craftwork. The two-floored venue is much like a massive multi-brand store for the arts — one that offers a stage for those in the industry while expressing the value of “Thainess”.

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What to expect from ICONCRAFT?

The area is split according to Thailand’s various artisan disciplines — The Smith, The Painter, The Sculpture, The Carpenter, The Weaver, The Gastronomer and The Therapist. Entering the area, you are greeted by interiors of organic forms and soft lines, making the venue seem as if it is in constant transformation. This was how architect Duangrit Bunnag and art director ML Pawinee Santisiri channelled “Thainess” in harmony with modernity, inspired by the delicacy of Thai craftwork.

Here we’ve gathered a list of the best items you can find, so you’ll know which to keep an eye out for.

ICONCRAFT is located on the 4th and 5th floors of ICONSIAM. To find out more, visit iconsiam.com or the official Facebook page @ICONCRAFTTHAILAND