Alexa, play something motivational. During office hours, we’re often wishing we were working from the comfort of our beds. Yet, now that many of us find ourselves actually working from home, we’re wishing for some of that office-discipline and motivation. We’ve gone over tech gadgets, YouTube videos, and tips and tricks on how to spice things up at home, but now it’s time to really get down to business. Click on the links that follow to listen to these inspirational podcasts directly on Spotify.

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The $100 MBA Show

What you’ll learn: The process of running a business.

Omar Zenhom shares valuable information like the art of predictable patterns to use in business, or how to resolve common problems. He’s got a very upbeat personality that makes his content engaging and encouraging for other entrepreneurs. The show also regular invites industry experts and takes questions from listeners to discuss in topic.

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The Social Media Marketing Talk Show

What you’ll learn: How small businesses can grow an audience through social media.

Produced by the Social Media Examiner team, the show discusses the latest happenings and updates with social media trends, which at this day and age, can be so confusing. Making such information more digestible, the team relates the trends to marketing and how small business can keep current.

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The Goal Digger Podcast

What you’ll learn: Tips on running your business and your life.

Jenna Kutcher talks about tools like SEO and social media marketing, but she also dabbles into a relatable side of being a boss and a mother. While she definitely knows how to run a business as a CEO, it’s also her authenticity that really captures the audience.

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The Tim Ferris Show

What you’ll learn: How to work smarter, not harder

Tim Ferris is none other than the author of business bibles like The 4-Hour Work Week. He’s got five books to learn from, but you can also pick up some great advice in his podcast series where he talks about creative problem solving and delegating.

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Killing It

What you’ll learn: How to prioritise mental health in the start-up scene

This Spotify original podcast talks about one of the most important topics that is mental health, often overlooked in the rat race of business. In each of the six episodes, mental health professionals and entrepreneurs discuss stress in depth and what you can do to address it in healthy ways.

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