It’s election season! As the country buzzes with anticipation for the return of general elections, Bangkok seems to be more dynamic than usual. If you’re eligible and haven’t voted already, do take the time to think about where you stand and make informed decisions — regardless of how big or small, we each have a part in shaping the future of our country, and it would be a shame to let those rights go to waste.

In other news, there’s quite a lot to look forward to this week. For coffee lovers who couldn’t make it to Coffee Fest, there’s a Kinto Exhibit pop-up over at Ari, where there will be guest baristas visiting from leaders in Japan’s coffee scene. If wine is your preferred drink, there’s a special Burgundy wine pairing dinner over at Il Fumo that you don’t want to miss, and our much-loved Vesper Cocktail Bar is also ringing in its fifth anniversary with its very own cocktail festival. Leaning more towards the filling side, we see the return of the world’s largest event celebrating French gastronomy. With so much to look forward to, scroll to see your plans for the week!