We’ve entered some tough times. As we unite in socially distancing, staying up to date with the latest tech gadgets of 2020 can go a long way in helping you stay connected while at home.

Whether it’s the latest smartphone, smart TV, or even a speaker system, there are more ways than one to treat yourself. For starters, many are eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra right now, especially Android users. Apple has also just announced the debut of two new products: a new Macbook Air and iPad Pro. The former features faster performance speeds and bigger storage with a new Magic Keyboard, while the latter receives an upgrade in almost every category like performance, display, and camera system.

TVs are also a big deal with Sharp recently releasing its latest Aquos 8K television. As for a new speaker system, check out Bang & Olufsen latest wireless speakers, the Beosound Balance. Fitness bands and smartwatches are also part of the list because you should not be slacking, even if you’re at home.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.