The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners to Make Home Cleaning Literally Effortless

Robot vacuums, commonly known as Roombas (it’s a brand by itself, mind you), are seeing a rising dominance as a household essential. The utopian cartoon show of the 1960s, The Jetsons, might have foretold this future. Its pilot episode was dedicated to Rosie, the robot maid that kept the Jetson family in check. She was what inspired iRobot CEO and co-founder Colin Angle to build the first Roomba, he said in an interview with Fast Company.

While the robot vacuum cleaners of today still have a long way before attaining a semi-sentience displayed by Rosie, it doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the technology now. A robot vacuum cleaner is unsuspecting, with many of them sporting a small profile and operating quietly enough for a vacuum. You can turn it on as you’re out for lunch and return to a clean home.

Before you get one for yourself, you need to determine what your needs are. Do you have wood, marble, or carpeted floors? Are there pets running around your penthouse? We help you tackle all these questions and find the best robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

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Electrolux isn’t just famed for its top-of-the-line kitchen hobs and washing machines. Their robot vacuum cleaner, the PUREi9, is a diligent gadget that will have your floor feeling brand new. One of the best robot vacuums, it uses laser technology to detect any obstacles like furniture, ledges, or stairs and navigate around it, evening climb up surfaces (up to 2.2cm). There’s an accompanying app so you can kickstart your triangular robot to start cleaning your home anywhere, anytime.

The latest Ecovacs flagship robotic vacuum cleaner is what your smart home is missing. The DEEBOT 900 is compatible with your Amazon Echo or Google Home, which makes deploying it even easier now. For families and households with children and pets, the robotic vacuum cleaner sports an interchangeable inlet that can suck up more stray hairs and fur, especially on carpets. It can go on for up to 100 minutes on a full charge. When its battery goes low, it’ll automatically return to its charging dock before heading out again on a mission to make your home spick and span.

The name Roomba just rolls off your tongue, like how the Roomba 980 by industry leaders iRobot will roll around your house, sucking up any speck of dust in its way. One of the best robotic vacuum cleaners, this intelligent bot will navigate your pad by making over 60 decisions every second. Its dirt-detecting sensors will make sure it pays extra attention to areas that need more tender loving. The Roomba will also adjust its suction to any floor type, be it hardwood, carpet, or tile for almost two hours.

Miele’s Scout RX1 robotic vacuum cleaner is the perfect complement to your household routine. Let it run a few times around your home to familiarise and break itself in. Subsequently, all you have to do is switch it on via the remote control and let it do what it’s meant to — clean up after your mess. All of these features make it one of the best robot vacuums to get your hands on in Malaysia.

Xiaomi’s stellar range of household appliances include the Mijia Robot Vacuum 1c, and we’re all here for it. The sleek machine can sweep and mop surfaces up to 1292 sq ft, complete with a 2500Pa power suction to clean your house in the most effective way possible. It also comes with an intelligent visual Navigation System to create an accurate map of your house for a faster and more efficient clean.

Roborock’s S5 MAX robotic vacuum cleaner comes with customisable water level and suction. You can adjust the water level and suction force for each room based on the amount of traffic and the cleanliness required in the room.

It takes 150 minutes when operating in balanced mode and up to 180 minutes in silent mode before it needs recharging. Its amazing battery life makes it one of the best robot vacuum cleaners for bigger homes.

The robot adopts a different navigation strategy in tight locations, such as hallways, which conserves battery life and speeds up job completion.

One of the best robot vacuums, the Roidmi Eve Plus is equipped with automatic AI recognition for dust collection. This feature allows you to automatically demarcate and save different locations and restrict and schedule cleaning.

After entering the dust collector, dust is automatically bagged, sterilised, and deodorised to avoid mold and odours.

Separate maps can be kept for each floor in duplex buildings. When switching floors, the settings are automatically matched and switched.

The Dreame D9 is a mid-range robot with two modes of operation: dry vacuuming and damp mopping. D9 is DreameTech’s first-ever LIDAR-based navigation robot.

One of the best robotic vacuum cleaners, this bot allows you to schedule clean-ups as per your convenience. Its smart system coupled with the advanced APP remote control comes in handy for cleaning and mopping sessions during rushed mornings.

You can utilise your voice to direct cleaning efforts. Once connected to Alexa, the robot can quickly respond to your voice commands.

With the introduction of improved wi-fi mesh routers and quicker 5G networks, Minihelpers Hydra S7 is the first amongst robot vacuums to provide seamless connectivity to your home’s internet.

It can be connected to the APP systems without any hassle – a perfect addition to your deep cleaning sessions. Some of the features are room recognition and mapping, spot cleaning, the ability to merge, divide, and rename any regions, and schedule the robot to clean particular areas as requested.

You can store up to five separate maps of distinct places. You may zone, combine, divide, rename, as well as use the preferred map of the region if you’re moving to another home, level, or office.

One of the best robot vacuums to get your hands on, the UONI V980 Plus removes dust, debris, pet hair, and even food spill from hard floors, carpets, and the sides and corners of walls. All thanks to the double-sided brush design, a main rolling brush, and strong 2700pa suction power.

With Lidar mapping technology, the robot vacuum mop can correctly recreate your house model, detect fixed items, evaluate dynamic barriers, and swiftly foresee and avoid them.

UONI integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control devices, allowing you to start cleaning just with a voice command.

Best robot vacuums in Malaysia – A detailed buying guide

The standard vacuum cleaners are slowly becoming a thing of the past, with the smart and convenient robotic vacuum cleaners taking their place all over the world. However, with new models coming up in the market — from numerous brands and plenty of options — it is not easy to choose the right option for your house. To help you overcome this roadblock, we have compiled the various features that you can look out for while purchasing the best robot vacuum cleaner suitable for you.

Efficiency in cleaning all kinds of surfaces

Unlike your regular vacuum cleaner, smart robot vacuum cleaners are designed to navigate and undertake the cleaning operations by themselves without any human interference. They house a high-capacity battery that powers the unit and helps it mop an assortment of floor types in a breeze. However, as today’s homes feature a variety of floorings, some of which require less force for cleaning, unlike the others, you have to be mindful of whether your robot vacuum cleaner can clean all such surfaces or not.

Types of robot vacuum cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner usually comes in two models — with rollers or wheels. If you have thick carpets or rugs spread on the floor, you would require a vacuum cleaner with large wheels or rollers to climb up the carpets and clean them all the way. Additionally, this would further require a high suction power. This is because the higher the suction power, the better and quick vacuum cleaning.

Hence, check out your chosen robot vacuum for its suction power, wheels/rollers, and ability to clean all kinds of floors.

Importance of sensors

If you’ve ever read about robot vacuum cleaners on the web, you must have come across terms like scanning, mapping, and so on. These terms define the most important characteristics of a robot cleaner that separates it from the regular cleaners. As a robot vacuum cleaner navigates by itself around the room or house, it’s equipped with technology that assists it in scanning and mapping the entire room/house for complete cleaning.

One of these common technologies includes a range of different sensors housed inside the robot vacuum cleaner. These sensors sense the obstacles in their ways, such as any furniture or wall, to prevent any damage to both. Additionally, these sensors also map the surroundings to ensure that every nook and corner of the room/house gets cleaned.

Thus, look for the best robot vacuum cleaners in Malaysia with advanced technology like sensors.

Check the bin capacity

Like your regular vacuum cleaners, a robot vacuum cleaner too has a fixed bin capacity that determines how much dirt it can store in a single mop. For homes, it’s recommended to go with a bin capacity of at least one liter or more. This will reduce the number of times you’d need to empty the bin.

Frequently asked questions

How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

Robot vacuum cleaners typically contain one or two rolling brushes along with spinning brushes. Both these brushes work in conjunction to suck in large and tiny debris, which get collected in a removable waste bin. Newly designed autonomous robot vacuums come with sensors that warn or prevent the device from running over uneven surfaces such as stairs. High-end models consist of sensors that can even map rooms as they clean.

Basic robot vacuums have in-built controls through which you can program it to run as per your convenience. The more expensive ones can be connected to smartphone apps or a speaker.

Do I really need a robot vacuum cleaner?

If you’re not forgetful and running on a tight budget, you can probably skip buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Besides, robot vacuum cleaners come with their own pros and cons. You can program a robot cleaner to run on a schedule and you can be off to work or an outing or just for a cosy nap. But then these vacuums can also get stuck a lot and won’t clean the nook and crannies as well as a traditional vacuum would do.

What is the battery life like in a robot vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner has an in-built battery that powers the unit for a decent duration of time. However, you will have to eventually charge it after it signals low power or its suction power comes down. For example, a typical smart robot cleaner can clean a moderate-sized home in under 30-40 minutes with a recharging time of 2-hours.

To avoid mid-cleaning charging situations, you’d go for a robot vacuum cleaner with a high-capacity battery and less recharging time.

Is voice assistance available?

Earlier models of robot vacuum cleaners may or may not come with the easy-to-use voice assistance feature. However, you can expect this feature in today’s models without spending anything extra. For example, most of the latest robot vacuum cleaner models have built-in support for Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. This helps you control the clear through voice commands from anywhere.

How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner at home?

The first thing you should keep in mind is to regularly clean the waste bins of the device. The sensors’ eyes must also be wiped with a soft cloth for proper and durable functioning. Don’t forget to clean the wheels and brushes. Most properly, the batteries need to be recharged as and when required. Follow the instruction manual thoroughly.

Can a robot vacuum be used for outdoor cleaning?

Robot vacuum cleaners are typically designed to clean indoor surfaces. It’s advised that you don’t run the cleaner over rough, uneven surfaces. So, outdoor cleaning with a robot vacuum is a no, no.