In the luxury bespoke automobile industry, the relationship between car and owner is a strongly personal one — with enough patience, there is hope of finding the one just right for you. In this sense, while specifications and technology do reign supreme, the cherry-on-top for luxe vehicles extends beyond horsepower and engine numbers. It encompasses the idea a car conveys — the lifestyle it represents for its driver.

This is perhaps most clearly seen with the line of luxury automobile maker Rolls-Royce — enter tagline “Drive or be driven? Explore our showroom and find your perfect Rolls-Royce”. For its return to the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show, Rolls-Royce unveiled its most impressive showcase as of late — a full range of Bespoke motor cars, exquisitely hand-built at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, West Sussex. From the bold Black Badge to the timelessly elegant Phantom, each Rolls-Royce model is especially designed with its own unique character, something emphasised through a special collaboration with renowned Thai designer Thattaworn ‘Von’ Sugunnasil. Just for the Motor Show, the founder and creative director of Vvon Sugunnasil created five bespoke outfits for each car, highlighting the key personality traits and characteristics of each individual design. If a Rolls-Royce car were to become an outfit, how would it look, and what persona would it have? Read on to find out.

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