#PrestigePicks: Our Favourite Refillable Lipsticks for a More Sustainable Beauty Routine

So you’ve conquered plastic straws. Water bottles. Quick, unsatisfying showers. Well done, you. The world thanks you for doing your part in ensuring Don’t Look Up never becomes reality. Now, for your next challenge: move on single-use lipsticks with these smart refillable contenders.

Question. When was the last time you finished a tube of lipstick? Losing it doesn’t count; neither does lending it off on a cheeky night-out and never seeing it again. And if you are someone that’s prone to being Little Miss Absentminded, then this list of refillable lipsticks might not be for you. You need to have the case handy for the refills to work, after all.

But if you are committed to being a better beauty user, maybe it’s time to retire your one-and-done lippies for ones that last much, much longer. As long as you want to wear lipstick, in fact.

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong.

Please Top Off My Lipstick:

When Fenty Beauty was launched a mere five years ago, its first product filled an obvious gap in the industry: foundation — in a stunning breadth of 50 shades. Then, revolution. The Rihanna-led beauty brand’s newest product, the Icon Refillable Semi-Matte Lipstick, is yet another case of dream fulfilment; of making good on those eco-conscious lifestyles we’ve been trying to lead. Not just any old lipstick, the Icon is refillable, so you don’t have to choose between all ten, vanilla-peach-scented shades. Get them all, and switch them out on days you’d really prefer a red lip over a neutral.

Now, everybody say: Thank you, Rihanna!

You can’t miss Hourglass’s Confessions™ lipstick line — they’re pretty unmissable, with that pointed end and ultra-slim tubular vessel that looks nothing like the bullet-shaped cases lipsticks often come encased within. Luckily, you wouldn’t have to miss it; Hourglass’s Confessions™ line headlines on being refillable. Get the limited-edition Red 0 shade — which is also the world’s first vegan red — so you can have the special, beetle-embossed case forever as you run through Hourglass’s varied High Intensity refills.

“Our responsibility is to consume beauty differently,” says La Bouche Rouge, whose lipstick cases aren’t just refillable. No, ma’am. Going several miles further, LBR’s cases are also plastic-free, housed in recyclable stainless steel bullets and handcrafted in France with surplus leather from Tanneries du Puy. And you really don’t get much more luxurious than a saddle-stitched leather case for your lipstick.

Beyond the range’s creamy, colourful, silicon- and microplastics-free shades, LBR’s leather case is also compatible with the French clean beauty brand’s range of lip balms.

Some things you buy for a lifetime — or at least a considerable length of time. A mattress, for one. A mortgage, for another. A lipstick… not so much. Here to change preconceived expectations, Kjaer Weis’s refillable ‘Iconic’ compact for their range of sheeny lip tints is made from silver-tone metal, and made to last a long, long time.

“We believe that the packaging of our products should be just as good for the world as our makeup inside is for your skin,” says Weis. And so they are. Really lean in with the brand’s range of refillable blushes, foundations and eyeshadows, too.

When it comes to making things that last, perhaps no brand is more equipped for this conversation than Hermès. An anchoring part of the maison’s beauty line, Rouge Hermès — save for its limited-edition shades — are all available for purchase as refills. Designed by Pierre Hardy, the range’s lipsticks arrive encased in two-toned colourways, so pick your favourite and stick with it. Or pick several favourites and match your Rouge Hermès to your OOTD.

Guerlain’s Rouge G de Guerlain makes it effortless for you with an easy-to-follow two-step programme. Step 1: Purchase a customisable lipstick refill in a shade you love. Step 2: Finish off with whatever case calls to your heart, be it bright red leather or an enthusiastically rhinestoned number. Some cases are limited edition, so take a page out of Pokémon and catch them all.

Charlotte Tilbury’s “Hot Lips 2” lipsticks are named for her celebrity clientele. “Glowing Jen,” for one, is christened so after Ms. Jennifer Aniston. “Viva La Vergara”? Well, there can only be one Sofia Vergara. It’s not to say one woman can be switched out for another, but within CT’s pantheon of lippie homages, their close-up ready pout certainly can. Switch out Jen for Sofia for Olivia Palermo for Kylie Minogue, if you so please!

Aside from “Hot Lips 2”, Tilbury’s wedding-inspired “Look of Love” lipstick range is also purchasable as refills.

Header image courtesy of Fenty Beauty | Featured image courtesy of Hermès
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