What could be a better way for Christian Dior to introduce its new chapter in the kingdom – the opening of both Christian Dior and Dior Homme boutiques at Iconsiam – than to showcase its most iconic piece, the Lady Dior bag – in the world-famous Lady Dior As Seen By exhibition.

By Quentin Shih
By Quentin Shih

Fashion connoisseurs and insiders alike are always familiar with Dior’s Lady Dior As Seen By project – a celebration of the maison’s iconic Lady Dior bag for which the house collaborates with revered artists from all over the world. Using this triangular bag with top handle as a canvas, artists channeled their vision onto this fashion item, transforming it into a whole new one-of-a-kind artwork. Since 2012, Dior has been showcasing these reinterpreted versions of the Lady Dior bag in tranvelling exhibition Lady Dior As Seen By, which has hit global destinations from Milan, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong and now, Bangkok.


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Created in 1995 to be presented as a gift to Diana, Princess of Wales who had come to open the Cézanne exhibition in Paris. The princess took it everywhere with her and ordered one in every version. Its topstitched Cannage pattern, its golden rings connecting the rectangular body to the arching handles, and its dangling gold letters—in tribute to Christian Dior’s love of lucky charms—have made the bag an iconic accessory over the past twenty years. Made of leather or exotic skins, the Lady Dior’s supreme elegance and couture style puts it in a class of its own.


Mythic and modern, the Lady Dior has inspired some of the greatest artists around the globe. Photographers, visual artists, video artists, and leading film directors have taken the story of the mysterious Lady Dior to the capital cities of the world.  The very foundation of the house of Dior’s core identity, now this love of art fuels a vibrant dialogue between the Dior icon that is the Lady Dior and the output of some of the most talented artists working today.


A dedicated exhibition space on the 1st floor at Iconsiam will showcase a selection of artworks that includes photographs and sculptures. Joining internationally renowned artists such as Olympia Scarry, Kohei Nawa, Ren Hwang, and Sophie Zenon, the famed Thai sculptor Rattana Salee and photographer Kornkrit Jianpinidnan will be showcasing their “Lady Dior as seen by” pieces for the first time. All these exceptional works of art pay tribute, each in their own unique way, to a Dior style icon.

From December 8, 2018 to January 20, 2019, 1st floor Iconluxe, Iconsiam

Opening hours: 11am – 8pm

Visit www.iconsiam.com for more details.