British Actor Idris Elba Has His Own Clothing Line

The star of Luther and prolific actor Idris Elba has delved into the world of fashion with his own clothing line, Eve of Winston. 

Idris Elba is a man of many talents. Aside from being a successful actor who’s starred in successful TV shows like Luther and films like Pacific Rim, he’s also a DJ, rapper, R&B singer, and kickboxer. Now, he can add another thing to his resumé: fashion designer. On the red carpet of the premiere of Netflix’s Luther: Fallen Son, Elba was decked out in a buttonless satin suit that caught everybody’s eye, which he soon revealed to be a part of his new fashion line, Eve of Winston. 

[Hero image: StillMoving.Net/Netflix]

Eve of Winston: Idris Elba’s fashion line

(Image credit: StillMoving.Net/Netflix)

Idris Elba revealed in an interview on Today that he named the fashion line after his parents. “My mom’s name is Eve. My dad’s name is Winston. So this collection is called Eve of Winston,” he explained. 

Eve of Winston’s first outing was the Luther: Fallen Son premiere, where Elba donned a mauve satin buttonless ensemble that looks so much more comfortable than the usual layered suit-and-tie. Over the next few days, the Eve of Winston Instagram account also posted a few teases of what to expect from the collection with a few pictures and a video of Elba donning another piece to another event.

Elba hasn’t divulged anything else about Eve of Winston. “I’m working at it,” he told Samantha Guthrie on Today. The official Instagram account simply says that the collection is set to release sometime this year. 

While we wait for the rest of the collection to debut, we can watch Luther: Fallen Son on Netflix in the meantime.


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