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In a world dominated by iPhones, it can feel a little suffocating knowing that you share the same phone as the next guy.

That’s where tech accessories come in: those handy knick-knacks that dress up your favourite gadgets are like a banner declaring that yes, you are special. All you need is an hour on Casetify and a credit card to establish your individuality.

Unsurprisingly, fashion, ever the vehicle of self-expression, has also gotten into the business of selling tech accessories. (After all, luxury brands make pretty much anything these days, from masks to Jenga sets.) We first noticed them on the Autumn/Winter 2020 runways, where the likes of Prada and Fendi had micro bags dangling from models’ wrists and belts, just big enough to stash their AirPods in. The trend lingered long enough for September’s Paris Fashion Week, where even Chanel, the world’s authority on luxury handbags, got in on the game with their teeny-tiny trinkets.

This is all great news for those looking to make a fashion statement out of their very functional must-haves. Forget about Casetify; below, we’ve rounded up the best luxury tech accessories to spruce up your smartphones, headphones and more.

(Main and featured image: Burberry)

This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

Burberry monogram canvas phone case

One thing that we really appreciate is an accessory that doesn’t look geeky, and this Burberry phone case fits that description to a T. Or TB, which are the initials that cover the canvas case. It comes with its own strap that lets you go hands-free (a true luxury, if you ask us), but it also makes the case pass off for a stylish crossbody bag.

(Photo credit: Burberry)

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Saint Laurent iPhone 11 Pro case

Saint Laurent’s chain handbags have become a symbol of luxury, which the French brand cleverly references in their phone case. Like the Burberry case, it’s designed with style in mind — see the grainy leather cover and the glossy gold links — but holds it as own as a functional accessory that you can carry everywhere you go.

(Photo credit: Net-a-Porter)

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Balenciaga 'Touch' metallic croc-effect leather shoulder bag

Talk about flashy. This high-shine shoulder bag is Balenciaga’s answer to a smartphone case. The slim accessory has room enough to slot your gadget in, along with a couple of cards. Unlike the other offerings on this list, the bag also doubles as a purse that you can wear to fancy, formal affairs — just remove the shoulder strap.

(Photo credit: Net-a-Porter)

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Louis Vuitton 'Escale' earphone case in canvas and leather

You probably already own a set of wireless earphones (and if you don’t, Louis Vuitton has a pair worth checking out). That means you can put this case to good use. You’ll know it’s Louis Vuitton from the monogram canvas, but the clouds on them are all Virgil Abloh. Hang the case from your favourite backpack to let everyone know you’re a fellow dreamer.

(Photo credit: Louis Vuitton)

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Fendi x Chaos smart watch case
If you thought that Hermes’ leather straps were the only way to elevate your Apple Watch, think again. This smart watch case from Fendi’s collaboration with London label Chaos gives your gadget the golden treatment. You don’t even have to wear it on your wrist — just clip the case onto your bag and you’re good to go.

(Photo credit: Fendi)

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Chanel AirPods Pro case in lambskin leather
If you’re a fan of Chanel’s iconic handbags, say hello to your new favourite accessory: the Chanel AirPods Pro case. It looks just like the French brand’s quilted classics, except that it’s scaled down and can be clasped onto your purse with a keychain.

(Photo credit: Chanel)

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