Poem’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection titled, ‘Tale of the Luminaries’, can only be described as ethereal. Creative Director Sean-Chavanon Caisiri’s inspiration from the astrological phenomenon of the super blood moon translated into a colour palette that ranged from midnight black and blue, to pink, red, and maroon. This inspiration was also echoed in the setting of the fashion show; with a large circular runway occupying the middle of the Crystal Box at Gaysorn Village, illuminated by a moon-like disk hung directly overhead, changing colors according to the blood moon.

Expertly tailored suits and coats sashayed alongside the brand’s signature circular-shape skirt (also inspired by the moon), corsets, deep neckline dresses and mesh tulle skirts, embracing the natural curves of a woman’s body. For this season, Sean played with eye-catching ombre colour techniques, and white and black Houndstooth print pattern to create much drama. The collection celebrated the Poem’s 12th year as the country’s leading fashion brand as well as its new boutique at the Gaysorn Department store.

Gracing the event were the crème de le crème of Thai society and entertainment industry, who showed their love for the brand by wearing one-of-a-kind pieces from the collection. From Sonya Singha’s romantic white tulle dress to Suquan Bulakul’s structured high-waist corset skirt, the women were walking poetry. But it was Thai-Norwegian superstar Urassaya Sperbund’s larger-than-life, ombre tulle ballgown that really stole the show. The beloved actress closed the show in a dramatic fashion by standing on the spinning runway, looking every bit the celestial dream.

Photos courtesy of Giancarlo Galavotti.