Prestige Pleasures: What we Loved in May

As a pioneer of luxury lifestyle, a day in the life of Prestige involves a constant immersion in life’s finest things. While we are indeed privileged enough to be the first to experience the best of luxury living, not everything catches our eye the same way. Amongst all the glamour of Thai savoir-faire, there are always a few standouts — the ones among many that manage to grab our attention for just a little longer, and truly hold a place in our hearts. Which is why we have Prestige Pleasures, where we gather for you a roundup of our favourite picks each month. From what’s top on our wish-list, to the experiences we most enjoyed, scroll to see what we loved in May.

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Cindy Chao’s ‘Royal Feather Brooches’

The saying “diamonds are a girls’ best friend” isn’t unfounded, and our very best friend in May happens to be from Cindy Chao. The only high jewellery brand to join this year’s TEFAF Maastricht 2019 event under TEFAF La Haute Joaillerie, Cindy Chao The Art Jewel made its debut by introducing the new 2019 Black Label Masterpiece III & V. Our favourites from the collection? Definitely the Royal Feather Brooches. Filled with a delicacy we have come to expect from Cindy Chao, the whimsical violet-sky blue designs are inspired by the Blue Bird — L’Oiseau Bleu in French — which symbolises joy and happiness. The detailing is of course out of this world, with over 750 pieces of sapphires in nine colour gradients and five cuts, specifically arranged to mimic the graceful unfurling and delicate colour spectrums of real feathers. The feather brooches are also surprisingly light, considering the heart-shaped diamonds — 7 and 8.6 carats respectively — that grace each pin. Cindy Chao wanted to design feather pins that were truly featherweight, and her secret to achieving this was Titanium — a modern material that comes in at only one fourth of the weight of gold. Truly feather-light and so, so beautiful, this is a jewellery item we absolutely love.


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Gucci Fall Winter 2019-2020 Collection Private Preview

Gucci’s Fall Winter 2019-20 collection private preview in The Glass House at Nai Lert Park was probably one of the most hyped up events of last month. With a guest list of society’s most buzzing faces, from celebrities to fashion veterans alike, this is an event everyone wanted to talk about, and after having experienced it ourselves, we want to talk about it too. With a stunning fashion presentation, complemented by Gucci carpets lining the floors and the newly launched line of Gucci Decor, Gucci set a pretty high standard for previews to come. Full of dramatic flair and a dash of childish whimsy, the collection is inspired by masks — or, more specifically, the nuanced relationship we share with the masks we make for ourselves. Masks are often considered tools of concealment. They mark how we choose to define ourselves, including what we want to reveal and what we want to hide. While generally thought to make us inauthentic, Gucci’s latest collection reminds us that if we consider authenticity to mean sticking to the idea we have of ourselves, the mask could become a means that helps us become what we feel we are. Playing with this complex ambiguity, the collection reflects this nature of masks — emphasising its dual function of showing and hiding at the same time. Gucci’s long-standing approach of unabashed edgy might make it either a hit or miss at times, but this collection definitely hit the bullseye for us full-on.


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Shu x Metinee

That’s right, Thai fashion icon and supermodel Metinee “Lukkade” Kingpayome has launched her own shoe line, in collaboration with Shu. The line is comprised of two collections — the Metinee Kingdom Collection and the Naked Metinee Collection — that reflect different aspects of Lukkade’s identity. The Kingdom Collection is all about vivid, modern women, featuring exotic animal prints that range from tiger stripes to python skin. The Naked Collection, on the other hand, offers minimal nude shoes ideal for everyday wear, perfect for women who like to make their statement subtly. All shoes are 100% leather, and offer both comfort and city chic with a dash of edge — what’s more is, you’re getting to wear Lukkade Metinee’s shoes. What’s not to love?

The Shu x Metinee collection is available at 13 Shu branches throughout Bangkok. To find out more, visit shu.global.com.

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Koh Gen Do

Bangkok has just welcomed a new Japanese skincare brand, and its one we can’t wait to add to our beauty routines. Often used on-set for major Hollywood films like Sex and the City, Glee, American Hustle and Still Alice, Koh Gen Do is a favourite amongst Hollywood superstars — ask anyone from Angelina Jolie to Anne Hathaway. The premium cosmetics and skincare brand is rooted in the belief that everything put on the skin should contribute to its health, and as such, all products offered avoid artificial ingredients, fragrances, synthetic pigments and petroleum-based mineral oil. Our sensitive skin buzzes at the idea. Currently, only two best-seller product lines are available in Thailand. Koh Gen Do – Maifanshi gives you glamorous, high-performance and eco-friendly makeup specifically created for HD cameras, while Koh Gen Do – Spa is a moisture-dense skincare line filled with enriching minerals that quench thirsty skin with soothing hydration. Those on the lookout for a new answer to beautiful, eternally-young skin, get on this trend. Also, it’s completely waterproof — yes, yes yes!


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Another Story Rainbow Theme

It’s Pride Month! In a big, vibrant celebration of freedom and love, Another Story has given its branches a rainbow-revamp. From rainbow stripes decorating the floor, to products colourfully laid out on the shelves, there’s a sense of fun whimsy that makes us almost nostalgic for our childhood days. We’ve always rather loved the cool design items and fun stories behind them offered at Another Story — the rainbow theme takes that up another level, adding a burst of liveliness to your day with accessories, home decor items, gadgets, and even board games, all offered in the various hues of the colour wheel. The Pride Month tie-in goes deeper than just in colourful fun — unisex T-Shirts with words like ‘I love Boys’ and ‘I love Girls’ are also on sale, especially created for the occasion. Part of the proceeds from these purchases will go towards OUT BKK, a non-profit community which aims to support LGBTIQ+ in Thailand.

FB @AnotherStoryOfficial.

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