Nearing the end of 2018, the customary holiday gift shopping is well underway. Among the top contenders when it comes to spoiling our loved ones and winning hearts is, of course, jewellery. And what better place to find the right gem for the gems in your life, than competing for the world’s most coveted pieces at globally-renowned British auction house Christie’s.

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Celebrating its 25th consecutive year as a jewellery auction market leader, Christie’s has just announced its ten best-selling jewels of 2018—a series of magnificent pieces that will melt even the most minimal no-diamonds-please ladies. To inspire you on your hunt for the sparkle that suits your loved ones best, we’ve gathered the top jewels sold at Christie’s this year.

The Winston Pink Legacy by Harry Winston

An extraordinary Fancy Vivid Pink diamond ring of 18.96 carats, The Winston Pink Legacy stands out amongst the rest for its extreme scarcity. With very little nitrogen, pink diamonds fall under a very rare category of stones. They’re considered the most chemically pure diamonds and come with incredible brilliance and transparency. Adding to that, only one in 100,000 diamonds have a colour rich enough to qualify for the ‘Fancy Vivid’ colour grading—it is almost impossible to find diamonds of such a Fancy Vivid Pink colour at over 10 carats, but The Winston Pink Legacy dazzles with a beautiful pink hue. And yes, it comes at a weight of nearly 19 carats.

Sold at Christie’s Geneva in November 2018, the final price was $50,375,000, making The Winston Pink Legacy the most expensive pink diamond in the world.

The Peacock Necklace


Set with 21 Kashmir sapphires, The Peacock Necklace is an exquisite piece of jewellery, with 109.08 carats. Kashmir sapphires have long been reputed for their richly saturated shade of velvet blue, and are known to be very rare. Amongst the impressive sapphires set in the necklace, the heaviest weighs 10.56 carats—an astonishing fact, given how difficult it is to find even one single stone with such quality. Glinting with 21 matching sapphires, the necklace itself took over 15 years to complete—years spent meticulously crafting and polishing the stones, and nine months to engrave the peacock-feather patterns adorning the platinum mounting.

One of the rarest items to show up in an auction, The Peacock Necklace was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong in November 2018, for $14,959,869.

Scroll through the gallery to see the rest of Christie’s most desired gems of 2018.

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