Coloratura, Cartier’s new high jewellery collection, stands for the values the Maison holds close to its heart: unwavering curiosity and an openness to the world. A departure from the Maison’s more classic designs, this collection is arguably one of the most creatively colourful and visually striking, bringing with it a spectacle of prisms for the eyes and a feast of different gems for jewellery lovers all over the globe. Entrenched in the diversity of the world and the rich palette it offers, in this collection, colours combine, horizons meet and all corners of the globe unite in a shared vision of style and spirit.

Mastering colour, movement and craftsmanship, the 240 gorgeous pieces of the coloratura high jewellery collection speak directly to the soul through dynamic and unforgettable pairings of stones, a myriad of energetic hues and colours and the intersecting inspirations of the four corners of the globe. The collection is inspired by the local traditions of four corners of the globe: the lively colours of India, the contrasts of Asia and the Orient, the delicate hues of Japan, and the staccato shades of Africa.

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