As its tagline “Since Tomorrow” suggests, watchmaker deLaCour is unlike most classic watch brands that are heavily influenced by fine watchmaking traditions. Instead, the Geneva-based brand offers a daringly modern and sometimes futuristic take on timekeeping.
Born out of a collaboration between friends Alfred Terzibachian and Louai Kuzbari with jewellery designer Pierre Koukjian in 2003, deLaCour set out to offer alternative and exclusive creations to the luxury watch market when it launched its now iconic Bichrono timepiece. The innovative tonneau-shaped watch was introduced at Baselworld the same year and featured a dual time-zone function powered by two independent chronograph movements. It attained a second placing in the Best Design Category at the annual Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève that year and went on to win the Unique Watch Design Award in Tokyo in 2004.
Today, the Bichrono timepiece has grown into a full-fledged collection and remains one of deLaCour’s most well-known ones at that. There are another five watch pillars under its belt: City, Leap, Saqra, Reflect and Promess.
Over the years, the Swiss manufacture has continually pushed the boundaries of fine watchmaking with its innovative creations. While its designs constantly change and evolve with the times, one thing about the brand always stays the same: Its commitment to collaboration.
From football players to race car drivers, clients use deLaCour’s bespoke service to create timepieces that they can truly call their own. “We collaborate with the wearer from the start and our artisans guide them through the creative process,” explains Terzibachian, co-founder and CEO of deLaCour.
Every aspect of the watch, from the movement used right down to the complications it is equipped with, can be dictated by the customer. They also have free reign to choose case and dial materials, and can opt to adorn their timepiece with gemstones. DeLaCour offers a large array of high-quality precious stones in its bespoke timepieces and the gemstones available span the entire colour gamut to include diamonds, amethysts, sapphires, citrines, rubies and peridots. As such, the possibilities are endless and no two pieces are alike — making one’s bespoke timepiece truly unique.
To ensure the quality and exclusivity of its timekeepers, deLaCour engages the expertise of specialised, independent master artisans for the crafting of different watch parts and decoration of the horologes. Depending on their complexity, bespoke timepieces take between two months to a year to craft.
Terzibachian describes the creation of a bespoke horologe as a “journey” the brand takes with the wearer, noting that the goal is for this watch to become an extension of the client and not simply a show of wealth and status. “The timepiece created from this collaboration will be a statement of the owner — which in this case is also the designer — to truly display the essence of their spirit and story,” he concludes.