What (or where) are Gucci Places? The Italian Fashion House wants the world to know that fashion isn’t just the clothes on your back, so to speak. Through sharing special destinations from South Korea to USA — chosen because they share the values peculiar to Gucci themselves — the House aims to encourage people to become part of a community. These places are thought to surprise, arouse interest, and inspire a creative response.

There already are a handful of Gucci Places here and there, and you might have even stepped into a couple on your world voyages. The list is made up of  Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England; the Biblioteca Angelica, Rome, Italy; Castello Sonnino, Montespertoli, Italy; Maison Assouline, London, England; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, California, USA; Bibo, Hong Kong; and Waltz, Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan.

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To celebrate the addition of six new Places, it’s no surprise that Gucci does so artistically by collaborating with several talented creatives. After all, the whole idea behind Gucci Places is to get your creative juices flowing, interpreting it in your own expression and artform. These artists include Spanish photographer Coco Capitán, German insect breeder Adrian Kozakiewicz, and Isabella Cotier from London, who’s name may ring a bell as she designed a capsule collection with Gucci just last year. Each artist was invited to visit a particular Place and record their impressions, resulting in a visual journey of photographs, travel notes and sketches.

See for yourself what you make of these fantastic new Gucci Places: