Private hillside villas shaded by coconut groves overlooking a private beach… we didn’t really need another reason to visit the luxury mecca that is the Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. Yet we managed to discover four more reasons why a visit is essential, especially now we’re (almost) coming into the end of the rainy season. With a new initiative designed to touch on the different pressure points of holistic wellbeing, the resort’s reputable Secret Garden Spa has created four very different combinations of experiences that will be sure to turn your vacation into a spa-cation. Which one you pick depends entirely on your personality and how much (or little) you’d like to do.

When was the last time you spent the day actually prepping yourself for a good night’s sleep? Now’s your chance. This day of bliss begins with a session of flow yoga, followed by a lava shell massage, where perfectly warmed Pacific clam shells provide muscular relief. Preparations for a restful night continues with an hour of meditation, followed by a luxurious candlelit bath in the privacy of the villa, and a relaxing shoulder and neck, feet or head massage. Breakfast is served in bed the next morning, rounding off this experience of soul-deep relaxation.

Here is a day of for those wanting to replenish lost reserves of health and energy. Enjoy handpicked spa treatments – body scrubs, healing wraps and a scalp massage with warm coconut oil made from freshly plucked Samui coconuts! Indulge in a private yoga session and learn about the art of juicing using the island’s freshest tropical ingredients. This day-long experience is laced with six power-packed mini-meals designed to further nourish you with the good stuff.

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned day of pampering.This one starts in a most magnificent fashion: breakfast in bed. The story of indulgence continues with a 3-hour-long Earth to Sky Ritual at The Secret Garden Spa. This fragrant and cocooning top-to-toe treat includes a nourishing scrub, a massage combining pressure point and gentle stretching techniques, and steam compress filled with local Thai medicinal herb. Guests can savour herbal infusions and refreshing high tea comprising bite-sized wraps, rolls and skewers in the breezy open-air terrazzo of the Spa.

This experience allows guests to rediscover their sense of possibility and adventure, featuring activities to inspire and refresh. The morning begins with guided exercises at the gym or on the beach, while the afternoon is dedicated to learning the ancient Thai art of kickboxing, Muay Thai. Guests can enjoy a healthy lunch between activities, and end the day with a blissful Magnesium massage, known to release muscular tension and enhance sleep.