Read a full review of Sra Bua’s new menu in our September edition

Renowned Michelin-starred chef Henrik Yde Andersen was recently in Bangkok to show off the latest menu at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok’s award-winning Thai restaurant Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin, and the occasion had foodies across the city talking.

While encountering some resistance by Thai food purists, Chef Henrik’s ability to combine traditional Thai flavours with Western cooking techniques won him the favour of Michelin inspectors in 2008, when his Thai fusion restaurant Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen, Denmark won its first Michelin star – a star the establishment still holds today.


Aptly named “The Journey”, the unveiling of Sra Bua’s new menu was an invigorating culinary adventure and insight into the mind of Chef Henrik. At the end of the day, debates about authenticity crumble in the face of what truly matters: the 10-course dinner menu was creative, thoughtful and very, very tasty. 

With menu highlights such as Laksa-based “crab-on-crab cornetto” and lobster served with kra chai and red pepper, each dish was accompanied by a story from Chef Henrik detailing his inspiration, exposing his humorous side and showing off a deep knowledge of Thai and Asian cooking traditions.

Below is a copy of the 10-course menu – available now – and an image gallery of our favourite dishes.   

The Journey 

Laksa Based Crab on Crab Cornetto

Grilled Squid

Oyster Tempura with Misomayo-Coco 

Salad with Apple and Celery, Marinated Scallop 

Tom Ka with Baby Corn and Chanterelles Mushroom 

Salt-baked Carrot with Tamarind and Lemongrass 

Foie Gras with Ginger and Plum Wine 

Lobster served with Kra Chai and Red Pepper 

Beef Massaman with Potato, Five Spiced Beef Soup DIY Noodles 

Lemon Foam with Thai Basil Sorbet 

“Flower Shop” 

Peach with Sticky Rice