2020 has garnered quite the buzz, as far as new years go, as everyone gets excited about the start of a new decade, the roaring 20s, and the concept of #2020vision. And really, it is a year of many fresh beginnings — not just the beginning of a new decade, but according to the Lunar Calendar, we’re also entering the Year of the Rat, which marks a whole new start of the Chinese zodiac cycle. 

As we inch towards Chinese New Year,  it’s customary during this time to eat good food, to ensure joy, prosperity, and wealth for the rest of the year to come. As you scour the city for the best spot to book those massive family reunion meals, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best — which is why we’ve gone and gathered for you, a definitive list of the must-visit dining spots in the city this Chinese New Year season.