Everyone enjoys food, yet, much of it doesn’t end up in our stomach. ​Citi​ and Greyhound Cafe​ recognises this immensely prevalent food waste issue, particularly the waste of imperfect ingredients. In response, they have joined with the ​Royal Project Foundation ​to “not only help reduce food waste and global warming but also help farmers’ businesses”. Their efforts led to the establishment of the Perfectly Imperfect campaign.


The Campaign: What’s ​Perfectly Imperfect​?

Perfectly Imperfect​ strives to reduce food waste by expressing appreciation toward all culinary ingredients. Many associate an ingredient’s savoury taste with its physical appearance. In doing so, much of the carefully cultivated, but odd-looking, produce is wasted. Yet, regardless of how an ingredient may look, it still poses countless health benefits. In response to this, the ​Perfectly Imperfect ​campaign steps in to explore a new concept of transforming imperfect produce into beautiful dishes that you can relish.


The Ingredients: What Does The ​Royal Project Foundation​ Have To Offer?

First of all, what is the ​Royal Project Foundation​? In general, it is a non-profit organisation founded by King Bhumibol Adulyadej to support farmers in northern Thailand. The organisation provides farmers, working within the late King’s initiatives and research, with an outlet for their agricultural produce. Presently, the Royal Project Foundation is known to offer fresh and reliable products.

On that note, all of the imperfect, but tasty and fresh, ingredients used in Greyhound Cafe’s new Perfectly Imperfect menu come from the ​Royal Project Foundation​. These include Japanese sweet potatoes, bell peppers passion fruit, carrots, portobello mushrooms, and zucchini.


The Dishes: What’s To Enjoy?

The most accurate way to describe Greyhound Cafe’s new dishes? Artwork on a plate. Vibrant, energetic, and fun, not only do the dishes embellish the imperfect ingredients, but their variety ensures that there’s something to indulge in for every taste bud. Here’s a preview of some Perfectly Imperfect​ dishes.