If there’s anything constant and certain about Bangkok, it’s that the food scene will always evolve. Rich, diverse, and always changing, you can count on the city to consistently amaze with new and exciting options. And as we welcome 2020’s fresh beginnings, what better way to kick-start the new year, than by satiating our appetites with these recently-launched concepts? Among the choices that Bangkok has for us this year, we see quite a bit going on in the drinks scene. For one thing, Vesper’s said goodbye to The Art Book after three years. Before you start crying, don’t worry — the new Contrast menu is just as thought-provoking, and very much worth a try. The brains behind Tropic City, and other notable names like Sugarray and Q&A have also joined hands to launch a new bar called Konkord, promising great vibes, music, and drinks.

In the dining scene, Bangkok’s five-starred hotels are doling out their seasonal offers, including a revamped concept and menu — and even a new chef! — at Shangri-La’s Volti, among many other tempting promotions. Scroll to see where you’ll be drinking and dining to welcome the new year!