And just like that, we’ve passed the half-way mark of 2019. As we wade through July and its bipolar weather — should we expect sun, or storms? — we are continuously reminded that Bangkok stops for no one, especially when it comes to the drink and dine scene. Dynamic, vibrant, and rich with diversity, there’s always something new and exciting for avid gourmets to look forward to in Bangkok. As Thailand’s leading luxury authority, we relish in being the ones to point you in the right direction, when it comes to where you should be indulging your palates. 

Among the options of what the city has in store this July, we see a collection of new openings popping up everywhere from Saladaeng to Sukhumvit — there’s even a new speakeasy in town! Not only that, but several of Bangkok’s five-star hotels have once again made developments to their in-house dining destinations, bringing in award-winning chefs and giving their menus a revamp. With so much happening at the same time, it can be difficult to decide which spots are most deserving of your table reservations, which is why we’ve taken the liberty to round them up for you. From fiery mala-infused plates, to a premium buffet of Isaan fare, and creative cocktails named after idioms, there’s plenty to get your mouths watering this month. Scroll to see where to drink and dine this July!