These Are the Top 10 Mooncakes we Tried in 2019

A tradition that has been passed on for many moons, the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th moon on the lunar calendar, and is a time when families come together in celebration of unity, prosperity, and happiness under the full moon. As festivities always mean a gifting of mooncakes is in store, our favourite five star hotels are offering impressive selections that can please even the most discerning of taste buds. 

From classic staples like lotus, to their more contemporary counterparts like macadamia chocolate, these traditional offerings provide the ideal way to show your business partners, friends, and family a token of your appreciation. Now that the Mid Autumn Festival is essentially upon us, we have gone through all the exciting options out there to come up with a definitive list — our final verdict on the top 12 mooncakes we came across in Thailand this 2019. Check them out below.

What to Expect: This year, The Okura Prestige focuses on “togetherness,” which is why they have crafted these sweet delights to enjoy with family and friends with the accompaniment of a revitalizing cup of tea. They offer four flavors: Durian Single Yolk, Jujube Single Yolk, Green Tea and Custard.

Pricing and Details: THB228 per piece, THB1,168 for a box of four pieces. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2687 9000 or email

What to Expect: Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok invites you to try their selection of enticing mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. Putting an out-of-the-box twist on the traditional dessert, this hotel is one of the few that offers unique flavors such as Chocolate Macadamia, Durian with Egg, Pandan and Coconut, 8 Xian and Custard.

Pricing and Details: THB189+ per piece, THB599+ for a rectangular box of four pieces, THB1,299+ for a round box of eight pieces. Delivery rates are available. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2254 6250, or email

What to Expect: St. Regis Bangkok has unveiled its 2019 limited edition mooncake box, filled with a selection of the appetising treats. Recognising the meaningful act of gifting mooncakes,, they have designed their circular, leatherette-covered boxes, in Pantone Color of 2019, to symbolize the following qualities: “sociable and spirited”. This year, St. Regis offers handcrafted mooncakes in four remastered flavors: creamy durian, sweet and silky lotus seed, fruity Chinese date, and a smooth yellow bean with coconut pandan.

Pricing and Details: THB1,288 per box of four pieces. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0207 7777, or email

What to Expect: Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok never ceases to amaze with its mooncakes. As always, they’re crafted from the finest ingredients and baked to a glorious golden brown color. This year, Shangri-La offers many all-time favorite flavors: Durian, Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Lotus Seed Filling with Single Egg Yolk and Cream Custard Mini Mooncakes. All of these delicacies are enclosed within bespoke boxes ornamented with two silver and gold Siamese fighting fish a symbol of dignity, empowerment and grace.

Pricing and Details: THB838 per piece, THB1,588 per box. Available until September 16, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2206 8605, or email

What to Expect: As with all gifts, there are times you want to go the extra mile. For those occasions, Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel has released a particularly special gift — mooncakes and a leather bag. Designed by Pellevah, the heart-shaped Mooncake Lover Bag is made using original Python skins and the finest Lamb leather, with 18 carat gold studs etched onto the ruby red material. With only eight bags available — super exclusive — each bag is marked with a limited edition number, and they’re also created using the most ethical standards — all skins are sourced from certified farms adhering to the international CITES regulations and laws to protect wildlife species. Flavour-wise, the handcrafted mooncakes are available in custard, lotus seed, durian, jujube, and black sesame.

Pricing and Details: THB28,888+ for a bag with two pieces. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2126 8966, or email

What to Expect: Especially for Mid-Autumn season, Centara Grand is offering up a selection of cute, pastel-coloured delights. Coming in a “Peonies” box, a “Kids” box, and a “Blossom” box, flavours go from classics to the contemporary. Expect the likes of monthong durian, lotus seed, and red bean, along with ones such as green tea, coconut, and chocolate.

Price and Details: THB118 per piece, THB488 for two pieces, THB888 for four pieces. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2100 6255.

What to Expect: Taking the gifting part of Mid-Autumn Festival seriously is JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok, which is offering premium crafted mooncakes in exquisite gift boxes that resemble tiffin carriers. Coming in red, blue, and gold, the patterns printed on the boxes symbolise luck, wealth, and advancement. There are four flavours to choose from, ranging form classic durian, lotus seed, and jujube, to a unique delicacy of baked red bean with Chinese Goji berries.

Price and Details: THB999 for eight mini pieces, THB1,199 for four pieces. Available until October, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2656 7700.

What to Expect: For something a little other-worldly, W Hotel offers up an exciting and original selection of what they refer to as the ‘W Moonkit’. With playful packaging, the mooncakes are taken to whole new heights with an astronomical theme, going from eye-catching holographic effects on the packaging, to hockey puck-shaped treats for a cheeky twist. Flavour-wise, the team serves up tradition with a tongue-tingling twist, by combining classic premium ingredients with trendy dessert flavours. The line-up includes Raspberry, Green Garden — a TWG Tea blend exclusive to W Bangkok — Mocha Macadamia, Black Sesame Cheesecake, Banoffee, and Durian Delight.

Price and Details: THB190 per piece, THB890 for four pieces. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2344 4000, or email

What to Expect: Coming in a box cleverly shaped like a traditional Chinese fan, this years’ mooncakes from the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok are lovingly handcrafted under the following flavours: custard, lotus seed, durian, along with the newly-launched tangerine with eight-year-old tangerine peel. The packaging comes in two options — ‘The Oriental Classic’ features a unique Oriental Chinese pattern, why ‘The Luxury Box’ comes in beige leather and incorporates architectural details from The Authours’ Lounge.

Price and Details: THB1,888 for a box with eight pieces. Available until September 13, 2019. To purchase, call 0 2659 9000 ext. 6811, or email

What to Expect: But of course, no self-respecting mooncake list would be complete without the iconic mooncakes from The Peninsula Bangkok. Their famous Egg Custard Mooncakes have once again made a much-awaited return, with a new focus on sustainability. Made using organic ingredients, this year’s selection of creamy delights are best paired with tea from Chiang Mai. You can even opt to have yours especially packaged in limited edition gift sets by Thai artist Pichaya O, who has used augmented reality to create playful and incredibly meaningful packaging art. 

Pricing and Details: THB998 per set. Available until September 13. To purchase, call 0 2020 2888.