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Alvin Soedarjo

Alvin Soedarjo

Alvin Soedarjo’s miss ion is to change people’s perceptions about money. “I focus on wealth preservation,” says the 38-year-old financial advisor. “Many people in Indonesia know how to double their assets, but they have no idea about how to preserve their wealth. I want to educate people regarding this issue.”

He is doing this by publishing Selling Is Simple: The Art & Joy of Financial Advising. Among the important people who have provided testimonials for the new book are Bambang P.S. Brodjonegoro, Indonesia’s Minister of National Development Planning, and the Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J., President of the University of San Francisco. The latter says of Soedarjo: “He displays critical thinking, ethics, ingenuity and creativity. In his business and personal life, Alvin espouses the values of social justice and respect for human dignity that are the foundation of the Jesuit mission across the globe.”

The son of Sasongko Soedarjo, Alvin has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business from University of San Francisco, and a Master of Science degree in Communication from Pepperdine University. He has dedicated his book to his wife Wina and his children, Arkana and Jahzara. He also aimed the book for everyone who want to keep moving forward in the selling activity by engaging them to give the best service to the customers.

Soedarjo formerly worked as a journalist. “I learned how to listen to smart people and benefit from their wisdom. Those skills have helped me a lot in my current profession. A lot of sales people nowadays only care about pushing certain products without finding or discovering further about the clients and what they need. I want to show that good communication, a deep understanding of human beings and personal approach are important when it comes to the art of selling”.


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