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Christian  Sugiono

Christian Sugiono

Christian Sugiono is best known for his modelling and acting exploits, but his dream was to become an entrepreneur. Now the handsome 35-year-old celebrity has done so by launching MBDC Media, an online media company that has negotiated investment partnerships with Rebright Partners, a Singapore-Japan base venture capital firm, and 500 Startups, a global venture capital seed fund and start-up accelerator.

“Building my own company, delivering excellent products and solving problems is the main drive. Seeing others succeed is the
main motivation for what am I doing now,” says Sugiono. “The digital industry has always been my passion. Since my childhood, I have loved technology and computers. I believed I could create anything using technology and it’s still in my heart now. “I have a mentor and a friend who has with lot more experience than I do. His name is Hasan Yahya. I have learned so much from him, especially about start-ups.

The most valuable thing I learned from him was how to deal with people in terms of business. “I think that a successful entrepreneur must love what they’re doing. They must be doing it for a solid reason, not only because it can make lots of money. If money is the main drive, then you miss something essential. The mentality of solving problems and creating a better environment for yourself and others should be the main qualification. Also, you must have the ability to learn from mistakes. I have learned that I can’t do everything by myself. Having a good partner and a strong team is essential. If you respect others and value them it will bring good karma. People will respect and value you in return, and help you achieve your goals.”


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