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Cindy Angelina

Cindy Angelina

When we last caught up with Cindy Angelina, she told us about “an exciting beauty project”. Details, however, were still under wraps. This time around, the young society lady happily tells us about her newborn “baby”, Esqa Cosmetics. Cindy co-founded the brand with her childhood best friend, Kezia Toemion. “Beauty and fashion have always been my biggest passions,” says Cindy, who graduated from Pepperdine University, California.

“Growing up, I loved experimenting with make up, from following beauty tutorials to trying out the latest innovative products. Little did I
realise, I had gained so much knowledge about the industry that I was almost an expert!” 

Esqa is a vegan beauty brand that is formulated without toxic chemicals that are commonly found in cosmetics. “Research shows these ingredients could cause cancer, among other health issues,” says Cindy. “However, we tried all of the local products in the market during the research stage of Esqa and saw that most cosmetics still use those ingredients. That’s when we saw that was room for us to come in with better products. We are the first local cosmetics brand that is vegan.” 

Cindy’s role model is her father, Herman Hery Adranacus. He has built businesses in property, palm oil and coal. “Building a business is not going to be a straight shot upwards. But after all, the best entrepreneurs are always problem solvers,” Cindy says.

As she is learning a thing or two about business, Cindy says that what she is doing has given her courage to chase her dreams. “Esqa was born out of passion, and I built it from scratch. I have had a great time learning and growing with the people that helped me turn the business into something wonderful.”


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