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Handiman Ali

Handiman Ali

The search for perfect shoes is an ongoing struggle that involves countless hours of browsing and fitting. Mario Minardi is about to change that by being the first to offer quality, bespoke shoemaking service complete with foot scanning technology in Indonesia.

At the helm is Handiman Ali, the third generation leader of the brand. Registered in Italy, Mario Minardi itself is a unique brand. Shoes are developed and crafted locally under the guidance of Italian experts and its leather sourced from the best tanneries worldwide. With Handiman as President Director, the 34-year-old brand sees refreshment in strategies, branding and presence. Today, the brand has two spacious stores in Lotte Shopping Avenue and Kota Kasablanka and is opening another two at prime locations in Bandung and Makassar respectively within this year.

Besides the ready-to-wear models, the bespoke shoemaking service by Mario Minardi utilizes a multi-dimensional scanner that records precise measurements of a customer’s feet, so that a perfect pair of bespoke shoes could be made just for them. “Market and technology are forever evolving. If you aren’t flexible enough to adapt and learn, you’d miss the boat completely,” he says.

But Handiman does not seek to change the identity of the brand completely. The energetic entrepreneur realizes what Mario Minardi has to offer is unique in terms of positioning and pricing and has a clear vision of what the brand needs to develop. “I’ve always had a passion for traditional shoemaking. The footwear industry itself is a vibrant scene. It is retail, fashion and manufacturing all at the same time. I’ve never had a dull moment, it’s always buzzing with energy and enthusiasm.”

It is also the love for shoes that motivates Handiman to be a hands-on leader. “When you’re too high up there, you can lose touch with what’s happening on the ground. I make it a point to do rounds and talk even to the most junior team members. Every single member on our team offers different perspectives, and it matters.”


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