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Ian Teo

Ian Teo

What started as a simple interest in ships has evolved into a rewarding career in maritime law for Ian Teo, thanks to the multifaceted nature of his area of specialisation that has kept him engaged for the past 15 years.

Well-regarded for his practical approach to disputes in shipbuilding, commodities trading and charter party, the partner at Rajah and Tann is a highly recommended shipping and commodities lawyer who has been named Singapore Trade Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers International 2016.

“The most enjoyable and challenging aspect of my job is the conduct of court hearings and trials, which can last for days and weeks. We have to stay alert and on course, despite the mental and physical fatigue. I can expect the judges to ask the most unexpected but challenging questions. I also often have to deal with the most unexpected answers given by my own witnesses. But the satisfaction that I get when a case is won more than makes up for all the time and effort put into it.”


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