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Litto Adiputra

Litto Adiputra

“I enjoy all kinds of food, from street hawkers to fine dining. I like the cooking, the process, the taste, the presentation and the effect it has on people,” says Litto Adiputra. His passion for food shows through his remarkable work as a restaurateur. Adiputra is Director of CBM Group, which restaurants include Madame Lily, MDL, House of Grill (HOG etc.), Beans & Bread and The Conservatory.

“Madame Lily was our baby, we did everything ourselves,” he says. “We know everything from buying carrots to designing chandeliers. Moving on with MDL, HOG etc. and Beans & Bread, it got easier and we had more confidence, but the passion for good, honest food is still the drive and foundation for all our restaurants,” says this 37-year-old holder of a degree from the renowned London School of Economics in the UK.

“My mom instilled a firm foundation on humility, faith and love for me to go through life while Judith Soeryadjaya is my mentor in almost everything that I know about business,” says Adiputra. “She taught me that boundaries and normality are for tails, not heads. If you want to succeed, push yourself and strive for the seemingly impossible. God will only help those who try.

“I don’t think I can call myself successful yet, I’m still working my way there. However, I’ve had the opportunity to work in different industries in the past and being in the restaurant business now, with the people that I’m working with, I’m experiencing life as it happens. I have learned that I know absolutely nothing. There is so much to learn out there, so many people are smarter than me, more knowledgeable than me, wiser than me. This realization has made me hungry to learn more. Whoever boasts about themselves will be put to shame and whoever humbles themselves will rise above.”


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