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Mahanugra Kinzana

Mahanugra Kinzana

“I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, even though entrepreneurship does not run in my family,” says Mahanugra Kinzana, the 27-year-old co-founder of Negarawan Internasional Group, which offers two tenun and batik brands. “In high school, my friends were the children of business leaders. They had different mindsets compared to how I was raised.”

Kinzana has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Deakin University in Melbourne, along with a dual Master’s degree in commerce from Macquarie University in Sydney and Binus Business School in Jakarta. He and his business partner, Angga Ajiputra, launched Negarawan in 2014 with the goal of “building Indonesia’s next innovative fashion retail empire”.

“I’m always motivated to make a difference. I dream of creating products and services that would make a lot of people happy,” says Kinzana. For him, being in a static environment with no spikes of energy or doing a corporate job will make him bored. “I believe entrepreneurship is very dynamic and full of rollercoaster situations. Every day, I think about my grand goals. I am grateful to have this immense drive for achieving the best for a lot of people.”

At the end, success for Kinzana is happiness which come from his family. “They will always be number one – my lovely wife Tania, my soon-to-be-born baby child, my parents, siblings,” he says. “They gave me valuable lessons like my parents told me that no matter what happens, I need always to communicate with my creator. They also told me the importance of having a good education. I still have one duty to accomplish for my parents, which is to gain a doctoral degree. I will do it, but only after my business and family are in a more mature position.”


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