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Rehan Amarasuriya

Rehan Amarasuriya

Rehan Amarasuriya has big plans to revolutionise the local tea-drinking scene. Later this year, the director of The 1872 Clipper Tea Co will open his brand’s first flagship café, where diners can indulge in tea-infused cuisine and a variety of tea blends prepared using “new-to-market brewing methods”. Plans are still underway and the venue hasn’t been confirmed, but Amarasuriya reveals the establishment will enable people to enjoy tea in unconventional ways. “We [want] to take away the ‘stiffness’ of tea and bring in a spirit of adventure,” he says. “We’re hoping to create a space that [provides] high-quality tea and food in a friendly and inviting space.”

Also in the pipeline is a collection of tea-scented candles, which will be launched this month, marking the brand’s first foray into lifestyle products. “The variety and versatility of tea really is quite unparalleled and there are multiple nuances from even the most basic cup of tea…it’s a fascinating industry,” says Amarasuriya, who is also a director at BP de Silva, the parent company of Clipper Tea.


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